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Getting Memorable IP Addresses For Ease Of Use

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IP addresses can be confusing to many people, even with services in place to make address management easier. Even though the standard computer user browses the Internet with a Domain Name System (DNS) address in a more easily understood format, an easy to remember address can help technical-level employees and colleagues do their job better. As you look through your IP address options, consider a few reasons to invest in a memorable, simple Internet Protocol (IP) address. Reduce Latency With Fewer Actions DNS is a convenient tool, since it converts an IP address such as (an Internal IP address example, which can’t be used on the Internet at large) to actual words such as All computer processes represent some small delay in transfer time. It may be a millisecond or an even smaller unit of measurement, but adding a DNS sever into a process can make the process take more time. For many projects, a DNS server isn’t enough of a delay to worry about. Unfortunately, this assumes that the DNS server is constantly operating at maximum efficiency. A DNS server is a machine (or part of a machine) that is susceptible to errors, overloading and maintenance issues like any other. A constant barrage of requests to resolve different IP addresses to different names may slow down your request, which can slow down traffic to your server. Not all server requests are from people trying to reach a website. You may be connecting two different machines that talk to each other thousands of times per second across the Internet for some unseen, but important part of a business. If the DNS server goes down, the link between these machines can be lost.  A skilled technician will either use the IP address first, or at least have the IP address as a secondary option in case the DNS server goes down. Unfortunately, anyone can make mistakes, and complex IP addresses may be typed incorrectly or forgotten during important work. If you stick with a simple IP address, these problems can be reduced. Simple IP Addresses Can Make Life Easier Look for IP addresses that repeat numbers. Repeating numbers can be easier for a technician to remember when working on time-sensitive projects, and can be typed faster. This can make system configuration a simpler task for all technicians involved. It’s unlikely that you can find convenient numbers from residential or business Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Many of the big, easy to remember IP addresses are reserved for massive organizations, popular services and the ISPs. ISPs are customers of IP address registries such as the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN). ARIN IP brokers can help you find IP addresses that have easy to remember numbers, or at least the remaining addresses that may look good to you and your technicians. Before settling for a random collection of numbers that aren’t easy for technicians to remember, get in contact with an ARIN IP broker to plan your...

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Four Tips To Help You Clean The Dust Out Of Your Desktop And Keep It Clean

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If you use any type of desktop computer in your home office, keeping it clean is a task that is easier said than done. Dust can get inside the case and damage parts, cause it to heat up and affect the overall performance of your desktop PC. There are some things that you can do to combat the problem of dirt with your desktop PC, such as cleaning the dust out of it and preventing the problems with dust in the first place. Here are some tips that will help you to keep your PC clean and performing like new: 1. Knowing Your Case And The Components Inside It There are many types of desktop computer cases, and how the components are mounted in them and how the covers come will differ from case to case. If you are lucky, you may have a case with quick-release latches to easily open the access panel. Some cases have screws that you will have to remove to get the panel off. If you are not sure how to open your case, you can always check the manual. In most cases, there will be one panel with several screws, and removing it will give you access to the components inside your case. 2. Grounding And Using Static Bands Before Working In Computer Cases The components such as the motherboard, graphics cards and PCI cards are very delicate pieces of hardware. A simple static shock from you working in the case can short them out and severely damage your PC. To prevent this, you need to be grounded when working inside the case. One way to do this is to touch the exterior case when working before working inside of it to release the static electricity. This will ground you, and it is best to do this standing up. Another option is to use a static wristband that clips to the exterior of the case to keep you grounded. You can also use a static-resistant mat for your work area if you do a lot of work and upgrades to your PC. 3. Compressed Air And Cleaning The Components Of Your Case Compressed air is the best way to clean out the dust inside of your computer. This is better than a compressor for several reasons; it is easier to work with, and it has less pressure and moisture than you have with a conventional compressor. You will want to remove all the cables and any cards in the case and spray them with the air to remove any dust. You may want to use tags to mark the cables to put them back in their place when you are finished. 4. Using Cable Ties To Reorganize The Wiring Of Your Case For A Clean Computer Many desktop computers come with the cables poorly organized from the factory. To make the inside of your case cleaner and easier to maintain, you can use cable ties to better organize the cables in the case. You may want to use color-coded ties. This will allow you to mark the different components by color, so you know what cables are for in your case — such as an extra SATA cable that you may need to use to add a new hard disk. That layer of...

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Four Things You Will Want To Know About Choosing The Best Hosting Services For Your Business

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If you are a small business owner, you will want to have hosting for many different things, such as hosting a website. Today, hosting is much more than just hosting a website though. You may need to have hosting for communications, business applications and analytical tools to manage your business. There are many choices of hosting services, which can be shared, virtual machines and dedicated services. Each of these different hosting options have specific benefits. Here are four things that you will want to know about choosing the right hosting services for your business: 1. Basic Shared Hosting For Just An Internet Presence And Website For every small business, having a website is important. At the very least, it will give you a presence on the Internet and allow people to easily find your business. For this, shared hosting is a great option that is also affordable. It is a type of hosting where you will be sharing the same hosting with many other small businesses. 2. VPS And Cloud Hosting Services For Scalable Robust Hosting Needs VPS hosting is hosting with virtual private servers. This is where you will have a virtual machine on a server that is shared with other virtual machines used by other users and businesses. Cloud hosting is similar, but will allow you to have a robust and scalable solution for your business. These services can be used for many things, such as your IT infrastructure, communications and telephone systems for your business. 3. Dedicated Hosting For More Security And Control Of Your Servers Dedicated hosting is a more secure way of hosting your business data. This is a hosting service where you have the dedicated hardware of your own server that is not shared with any other businesses or users. It is where you have the hardware dedicated to your hosting server and not shared with any other users. If you need security and control of some of your business data and IT infrastructures, dedicated hosting is a great option. 4. Collocation Hosting For Secure Business Data Storage Another option for secure business data hosting is collocation. This type of hosting offers your business dedicated network hardware and servers for your IT infrastructure. It is a secure way of developing cloud hosting and other needs for your business, as well as doing it in a secure way to protect your business data. In many cases, an IT management service will manage the hardware and software your business uses for hosting. These are some of the things that you should know about some of the hosting services that are available for small businesses. If you need help with hosting and managing your businesses IT infrastructure, contact a managed IT service to get the hosting and managed IT services you need for your modern small...

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Three Ways You Can Make Your Home Smarter

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One of the best ways you can save money on your electric bill is by installing smart controls in your house. Here are three easy electrical projects that can make your home smarter and save money at the same time. As with all electrical projects, make sure that you have the electricity to these systems turned off before you do work on them so you don’t seriously injure yourself. Install a smart thermostat A smart thermostat is an easy electrical project that you can do on your own that will dramatically reduce your energy consumption. When you are looking at smart thermostats, check which systems they are compatible with. Many manufacturers have a compatibility tool on their websites that allows you to put in the name and model number of your HVAC system. Once you have determined that the smart thermostat is compatible with your HVAC system, pay attention to the different wires so that you can reconnect them to the appropriate location on your smart thermostat. Once your thermostat is installed, you can use it to turn off your HVAC when you are gone. It will also learn when you are gone and at home so that you don’t spend energy heating or cooling your home when you won’t be around to enjoy it. Install smart outlets Smart outlets are a wonderful way to control your electrical usage. They are also a great way to protect your home. When you connect these outlets to your Wi-Fi network, you can use your smartphone to control your outlets to cut power to devices like your entertainment system and other appliances. It is estimated that these so-called vampire devices can add 10% to your power bill. You can also set them to turn on and off automatically so that your energy consumption is cut without needing any intervention. You can also use this system to mimic your natural movements when you are gone on vacation. You can set your schedule ahead of time, or you can control your outlets on an ad-hoc basis. Install smart lights By replacing your light switches with smart switches, you can control all of your lights from wherever you are. While it is normally hard to know what lights are on and off, especially when you have kids running throughout your home, smart switches will help you to see what is on and what is off whether you are at home or not.  As you do these three projects, your home will become smarter and more energy efficient, helping you to save the environment and save money. To an electrical service for more...

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Where Should You Place Your Security Camera?

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A security camera is something you may need in your business in order to keep an eye on it when you can’t be around, as well as to capture feeds of crimes committed after hours. After deciding on the type of security cameras to have installed, you will need to find the right location for them. Ideally, you will have multiple cameras set up to get all the major areas of your business. Here are the most important places to put security cameras. All Doors Any entrance or exit door you have in your building should preferably have a security camera. These doors are what you really need to monitor because they are how a criminal is going to escape after stealing merchandise or robbing the store. If you have separate entrances, those should also be monitored, because if a crime is committed, you can look at them later to get a good front view of the person who committed the crime. Set the camera high enough to where it isn’t obvious, but low enough where it makes out the faces of people going through the doors. Crime Targets A crime target is something that thieves are most likely going to be headed toward when they come to rob your store. You should always have security cameras placed near the targets, so you can monitor when they are headed that way. This includes your filing cabinets, safes, jewelry cabinets, valuables cabinets, and cash registers. If you have areas in the backroom where you count cash or prepare deposits, there should also be a security camera installed in there. Cash Registers Try to also have a security camera that points toward your cash registers and any other customer transaction areas. This includes your layaway or customer service counter, self-help supermarket aisles, kiosks, and teller stations. You should be able to use the security cameras that are near entrances and exits to also point towards these areas. Secluded Locations Finally, don’t forget to have security in the parking lot, alley, and any other secluded areas around your business. These areas tend to be common places for people to get into fights, vandalize property, or perform other illegal activities. By having security cameras, you can see a fight about to happen and call police, as well as see someone committing a criminal act. It is a great piece of evidence for the police. If the cameras are low enough for the criminals to see, they will be much less likely to cause a problem. Experts like System Tech can answer further...

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Reducing Costs & Staying Cutting Edge: 2 Major Benefits of Print Management Services

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Owning and operating your own business can be a source of tremendous pride, but it is also not without extreme challenges. Most people who open their own business do so because they have a talent and a passion for a particular field, and that talent and passion often does not include management expertise. Managing your company’s technology is a particular challenge, and print services can be a difficult subset of that challenge. Below, you’ll find a guide to some of the benefits of using print management services to oversee your company’s document needs. These recommendations will allow you to cut your costs while being sure that your daily operations are not falling behind. Cost Savings A good business decision is always one that has benefit to the bottom line, and print management certainly does. By hiring an outside print management firm, you receive an amount of cost certainty that will allow you to predict your company’s printing needs and lock in those costs for long periods, allowing you to plan your economic future long term. You’ll also be able to save a great deal in the maintenance of printing technology. Most print management contracts offer guarantees that hardware will be regularly replaced by the newest available models, and even your company’s older printers will be able to be efficiently and professionally maintained. Environmental Benefits Modern society has been moving more and more toward an environmentally stable ethic, and businesses who fall behind in this area often suffer large public relations problems. The disposal of ink and printers, as well as paper waste, can have large environmental consequences that you need to consider when planning your printing needs. A print management service will have a great deal of expertise in the area of disposal, allowing you to relieve yourself of that concern. Efficiency experts will also help you reduce the amount of paper that is wasted in your office every day, decreasing your carbon footprint and making a firm step toward environmental consciousness. Productivity Everyone who has worked in an office knows the frustration of dealing with paper jams, low ink, and other printing concerns. These issues can distract your regular staff as well as your IT professionals, causing slow downs in work that can affect your bottom line. A print management service will be responsible for constant maintenance that will allow you to avoid these slow downs. When your printing technology works as it should every time you need it to, you’ll see a huge uptick in your office...

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Taking The Green Movement To Another Level: Toner For Your Business Printer

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Purchasing copiers for your business includes finding a good price on toner cartridges. If you have joined the “green” movement, you also want to make sure that the printers and the cartridges are in line with your ideals. You could purchase brand-new printers and copiers, but opting for refurbished machines not only gets you a better deal, but also removes expensive e-waste from an e-waste depository. Additionally, there are couple of ways you can go green with toner cartridges: Buying Toner Made of Plant Derivatives Most toner comes from carbon, which is little more than charred organic material. Now you can buy toner with inks made from many different plant derivatives, all natural, and completely non-toxic to both humans and the environment. Even the colored toner cartridges seem more vibrant because the inks are made from fruit and vegetable dyes. Once a cartridge is empty, you send it back to the manufacturer and they refill it and ship it back out. It literally reduces the carbon footprint by reducing the use of carbon and the disposal of plastic cartridges. Buying Recycled Cartridges If vegetable dyes are taking things a little too far for you and your business, then you can still be part of the green movement by purchasing recycled toner cartridges. Many copier dealers and manufacturers offer this type of recycling program that invites you to return your empty cartridges to them in exchange for refilled cartridges. They provide an endless supply of recycled cartridges for a fraction of the cost of new ones, and you can even request auto-ship for a continual monthly supply. Copiers That Make a Difference Almost all copiers now have the capacity to print more efficiently. They save on electricity and feature extra energy-saving options. When you add green toner to certain machines, for example, you are saving on ink, reducing e-waste and saving energy all at the same time. It may not seem like much, but in the grander scheme of your personal green movement, it is a lot, and it does make a difference. Where to Buy “Green” Toner There are businesses that specialize in just “green” toner. You can purchase your toner cartridges through them. They supply just about any copier and printer on the market with Eco-friendly toner substitutes, and if you are not sure your copier is on their list, just ask. Also check with a copier dealer, since they are an excellent go-to resource for everything...

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VoIP Services: Their Types, Packages, And Benefits

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Technology has come a long way especially when it comes to communication. Unlike decades ago, today one can easily communicate with people from wherever in the world in real time. VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) makes use of Internet connection to place calls using landline and mobile phones as well as other devices like computers. Unlike traditional telephone services that use cables and analog signals to transmit calls, VoIP transmits using digital signals and only requires Internet connection. Types of VoIP services Peer to peer, which mostly make use of the Internet only. VoIP in: one can call using a phone number from the public switch telephone network (PSTN) to the VoIP service. VoIP out is the opposite of VoIP in. Calls are placed from the VoIP service to PSTN. Two way: one can place a call from a VoIP service to PSTN and vice versa using phone numbers. Common VoIP service packages Office and/or home services, whereby one swaps the telephone line with an adapter that is plugged into the phone set and the broadband internet line to be used. This is done after you sign up for VoIP service. Mobile services: most people in the world communicate with mobile devices today. VoIP services allow you to reduce communication expenses while offering you additional features and benefits depending on the package. Business services are usually tailored to the type of business and the needs of a person. One can choose from several packages depending on the number of workforce, frequency of use, and budget. No monthly charge services: users only need to purchase a device that is shipped by the VoIP service provider, and once they set it up, they can enjoy unlimited calls without receiving monthly bills. Benefits of VoIP services They are mostly cheaper than traditional calling services as they use the Internet and therefore providers do not need to set up and maintain expensive infrastructure. This is especially useful to people or business who need to make many international calls. One can place free or very cheap calls locally and internationally. Free calls if both the caller and recipient use similar VoIP services. For example, Skype to Skype. Setup is easy and straightforward as it is literally plug and play. One can also get an IP phone quickly or opt to use old phones. They come with additional benefits such as call screening, video calls, forwarding,...

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Why You Should Keep Your Cable TV Service

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If you pay attention to the news, you might have heard about the trend of “cord cutting.” Some people are deciding to get rid of their cable TV package and are instead choosing to get their content from online video streaming services. But the truth is while that sounds good in theory, there are still a number of great benefits of having a cable TV package that you will be giving up if you decide to look elsewhere for your content. Here are 3 reasons why you might want to continue using your cable TV subscription. Stay in the Conversation with Your Friends and Co-Workers Some online streaming services offer TV shows on demand. But most of these services will not have the program ready to stream at the same time it is available on live TV. There is usually a delay of at least one day before the program goes live. That is one whole day that you will not be able to discuss your favorite TV show with your friends and co-workers. What’s worse is that you may be prone to finding out spoilers from your friends who did watch it live before you have had a chance to. Cable TV will allow you to watch all of your shows as soon as they air so you don’t have this problem. Only One Bill and Content Package to Manage One of the great parts of having a cable TV subscription is that the cable company does all of the work to bring all of the different content together under one plan. If you cut the cord, you may find there are a large number of different streaming options available, but it can be quite confusing to keep track of which streaming services offer which content. Some streaming services even change the available movies or shows they offer on a monthly basis. You’ll also have to make sure you keep track of possibly multiple different subscriptions and bills for all of the different services you will need. With cable TV, from companies like Valley TeleCom Group, you simply get one bill and move on. Cable TV is the Best Option for Sports Fans All of the major sports networks have million dollar deals with the major professional sports leagues. These contracts usually only allow the games to be broadcast live on cable TV. Even if you find a streaming service that offers the game you want, you might be subject to a blackout rule which will prevent you from watching the game if it is available on television in your area. If you live and die with your local sports teams, you may find it difficult to go without your cable TV. Cord cutting may be getting more popular, but there are plenty of great benefits to maintaining your current TV package. Cable TV allows you to watch the latest shows and sporting events live as they actually air. It also will streamline your process for finding content and you’ll only have to put up with one bill every...

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Common Questions And Concerns About Using MVoIP

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With cellular phones being a main staple in the lives of most consumers, it is easy to see why there are so many who are curious to find out more about using MVoIP. If you have the right kind of service, access to Internet, and an updated phone, chances are you can use the Internet to make phone calls to other people also online. Even though MvoIP is a basic form of online communication, it seems complicated by technical jargon that many consumers just do not understand. Here are a few of the most common questions and concerns about using MVoIP on your mobile phone: Can MVoIP be used to make calls to home telephone numbers? The answer to this question depends on the type of MVoIP application you are using on your phone. Some applications only work with calls made to other mobile phone carriers. However, some of the more broad and complex programs will allow you to make calls to just about any number. The quality of the call made can sometimes be compromised if it is not a connection between two mobile devices using the same type of networking frequency. Will MVoIP save money on your phone bill? If you have a phone service plan that offers only a certain amount of minutes per month, using MVoIP could save you money on your monthly charges. Many cell phone plans are now purchased on an unlimited basis and the need for MVoIP is not always a concern with these plans. However, if you have an app that allows this form of phone communication and a 3G or better phone, you may not even have to have service for the phone that you are using in order to make a call using MVoIP. If you have the best applications or subscribe to a certain MVoIP service, all that will be required is that you are connected to Wi-Fi. Where do you find an MVoIP app for your phone? Some phone models will come straight from the factory with the ability to use mobile voice over an IP connection. However, there are others that will require you to download a certain app to take advantage of the service. The apps used can vary from one phone type to the next and it is always best to check for details on a manufacturers website to find the best. With a bit of insight into just how MVoIP service can work for you, it is possible that you find this form of communication service to be quite valuable. MVoIP is quickly growing in popularity and it is exciting to consider just where this kind of technology could take communication in the...

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