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3 Tings To Keep In Mind When Purchasing Computer Systems For Your Small Business

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If your small business is in need of a new computer system, here are a few things that you should keep in mind as you go through the purchasing process. #1 Operating System The first thing that you need to take into consideration is what type of operating system you want your computer system to have. As a general rule of thumb, most business and calculating type of software is designed to work on Microsoft Windows operating systems. Most art and creative software, used for web design, creating music and art, is made for Apple Mac operating systems. However, these rules of thumb are not absolute rules, so look into the software that your company needs to run its business operations and figure out what type of operating system you can run the software on and make sure that the operating system you choose will line up with your business needs. It is generally best, if possible, to use the same operating system across your business so that you can meet all business needs. #2 Choose The Best Processor The processor is really the heat of your computer system. It is also the part of your computer system that is not easy to upgrade once it is in place, which is why you want to go with the best processing system on the market today when you set up your computer system. The processor will affect how many systems your computer is able to run effectively at the same time. If you do anything that requires a lot of processing on the part of your computer, like analyzing large databases or making 3D models, you are also going to want to make sure that any computer you purchase also has at least two cores; this will give it the power it needs to do these bigger types of jobs. #3 Remember You Can Always Add Memory You don’t have to purchase the computer on the market that has the biggest RAM or memory if you can’t afford it. Instead, choose a computer with an amount of RAM that is within your budget. You can generally easily add more RAM to your computer when it fits in your budget. If you need assistance picking out the right computer system for your business, you can always employ a business computer service company to help you choose the right type and help you pick it up. If technology is not your strong point, this can be a wise business...

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Ways To Know Your Sewer Drain Is Clogged And What You Can Do

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One of the aspects of your home that you do not often think or worry about is your sewer drain and your sewer line. However, it is one of the most important elements of your home as it carries all of the wastewater out of your home from all of the different plumbing fixtures. This means that all of the water from toilets, sinks, washing machines, and dishwashers will all funnel into one central sewer line that feeds from your home into the main municipal lines to go to the water treatment plant. In order to prevent major issues with your sewer line and sewer drain from occurring in your home, learn more about some of the ways to know your sewer drain is clogged and what you can do. Your Plumbing and/or Sewer Drain Emit a Foul Odor Your nose may be the first thing that tells you there is a problem with your sewer drain. The smell will be quite unpleasant and may smell like sewage (i.e. feces and urine) or may have an odor of sulfur or rotten eggs. This is a sign of sewer backup that may be near the point of flooding back up into your home and causing you innumerable problems. Your Fixtures Drain Slowly Plumbing fixtures that drain slowly and that do not respond to localized drain cleaning efforts likely are an indication of a sewer drain clog. Generally speaking, when a single plumbing fixture is backed up and draining slowly, there is not much of an issue beyond a single clog. However, when multiple drains are clogged and backed up, the sewer drain is more than likely the culprit. Water Backs Up Into Other Fixtures Another sign of trouble with your sewer drain and line is when water actually backs up into other plumbing fixtures when used. For example, if you are running your dishwasher and water backs up into your kitchen sink or your bathtub, the issue is not just those pipes or fixtures, but the main line. What You Can Do One of the first steps you will want to take when you believe that your sewer drain is clogged is to invest in a sewer camera rental. A sewer camera is a camera that is specially designed to help you see down into your sewer drain and line and find the source of your trouble. When your sewer line is clogged, you will be able to find the area of blockage as well as the type of blockage (something from your home plumbing that has built up, damage to the sewer pipe like a collapse, or tree roots, for example). Once you are able to see that you indeed have a sewer drain clog, you will need to try to unclog it. You may be able to use a sewer snake or other tools to dislodge a clog if the sewer line itself is not damaged. However, for any clogs that are deep in the sewer line or that are caused by tree roots or other pipe damage will require the assistance of a professional sewer drain repair service. Now that you know how you can tell if your sewer drain is clogged and what you can do if you find that it is, you can better deal...

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Reducing The Amount Of Ink Used For Printers And Copiers

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Ink can be expensive. Whether it’s a toner, solid ink, or liquid ink, each copy is going to cost your company money. But there are ways that you can reduce the amount of ink that is wasted every time you print. This is especially true when the quality of the print isn’t an issue. Set the Print Quality to Low Most prints don’t need to be high quality. By printing in low quality or medium quality, you can often save on ink. This is because the printer will not try to print light artifacts; the printer or copier will only try to print the darkest areas of the document. This will also make your prints much faster, as low quality prints take less time to be produced.  Avoid Printing Copies When at all possible, prints should always be done directly from the original document. A scanned copy or an image of a document is going to use up far more ink, because the printer will be trying to print dark and light areas of the page. As an example, scanned copies often have darker corners or darker edges — this requires ink to print. A document will only have the actual text on it, which will be printed clearly. This will also help in making the copy clearer.  Change from Color to Black and White Many people print in color all the time. While a black-and-white print will still look black-and-white when printed in color, the black that is produced in a color print is often produced using many shades of ink for a warmer and richer look. This can be an unnecessary waste of colored ink, which is more expensive than black ink. When possible, prints should also be sent to the black-and-white toner machine rather than a high fidelity multi-color machine. Print Lighter Copies By adjusting a print a few shades lighter, you can often save on the amount of ink that you need to use. This can also make the copies clearer, especially if the image has been scanned before. Scanned images tend to be darker by a few shades than the originals. Like adjusting the quality, printing lighter copies will also make printing faster.  You can also try to find ways to purchase ink at a discount. There are many “refill” stations that let you refill your toner cartridges rather than replace them altogether. There are also discounts available for bulk...

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Babyproofing Your Home

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When a little one becomes mobile, they have an innate ability to turn even the most benign household object into something dangerous. This can leave tired parents frazzled as they constantly leap between their child and danger. A better way is to babyproof a home so that a toddler or curious crawler can explore his or her home safely.  Kitchen The kitchen can be full of dangers for little ones who like to open cabinets. A simple solution is to install babyproof door catchers that will keep little ones from opening cabinets. Other parents prefer to let their baby fully explore everything and keep only safe items, like plastic storage containers, healthy snacks, or dish towels, in the lower cabinets. These things can be endlessly pulled out and played with and cause no harm to baby. But parents have to be willing to tolerate a mess! For safety, heavy appliances, glass cookware, and cleaning chemicals should be moved to higher cabinets that baby can’t reach. Electricity Electrical outlets, power strips, power cords, and dangling charging cables are all very interesting—and dangerous—for a little one. There are a variety of outlet covers available at hardware or baby stores. The simplest ones are outlet caps, but they can be easy to misplace when parents pull them out of the outlet to plug in a vacuum cleaner or another appliance. Also available are more permanent outlet covers that remain on the electrical outlet plate at all times. There are similar types of outlet covers available for power strips. They look like a tube with holes in them; the tube contains the power strip, and the holes allow for the cords to snake through. Power cords on the floor can be irresistible for curious kids, especially when they realize how to plug things in. Dangling charging cords are similarly interesting. To keep kids from playing with power cords and charging cords, use cord shorteners, which can be purchased at any electronics store. More annoying than dangerous is when toddlers learn how to work light switches. There’s nothing worse than a little one suddenly plunging the family into darkness in the middle of your cooking dinner or their constantly flipping the lights on and off at bedtime. To work around this little electrical problem, purchase a safety cover for switches. The safety cover will remain attached to the switch plate and is simple for parents to get around, but this sort of cover poses a difficult challenge for...

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How To Use Spreadsheets And Cell Phone Apps To Streamline Your Courier Business

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As a courier business owner, you rely on quick and accurate delivery to satisfy your customers. However, if you’ve been using a hand-written delivery tracking system, you may be making mistakes that decrease your efficiency. Spreadsheets and cell phone apps can streamline your business and bring you into the 21st century. Add Relevant Fields When you’re setting up your spreadsheet, you need to create relevant fields that track your important delivery information. Just a few examples include: Type of delivery Payment for that delivery type Item delivered Who sent it and who is receiving it How long it took to deliver Who delivered it Customer satisfaction Adding these fields is as simple as clicking on “Add” on your spreadsheet software and clicking “New Field.” Click on the field, input the name, and you’re ready to go. The field will run vertically on your spreadsheet. “Rows” will run horizontally, and here you can input your individual drivers. Add these by clicking “New Row” instead of “New Field” in the “Add” menu. In this way, you can create as many rows and fields as you need. Creating Simple Calculations Most spreadsheet programs use simple calculations to automatically gauge important information. To add calculations to a specific cell, do the following: Type “=” to indicate you are starting a formula Select the cell that contains the value you want calculated Input the proper mathematical symbol (+, -, * and /) to indicate the operation Add the next the cell you wanted included in the calculation Press the “Enter” key to input your formula Copy and paste this formula to all other relevant cells For example, if you wanted to calculate how much time a specific driver has taken on their deliveries in a month, you could input the value of all of his time cells (such as A1, A2, etc.) with “+” signs in between each value. This formula could be placed in a cell entitled “Total Time.” Once you’re finished adding all of your value, press “Enter” and their time will be calculated. Using This Spreadsheet With Reporting Apps There are a variety of courier apps that your delivery drivers can use in order to track their deliveries and report them back to you. They will automatically track much of the information you need for your spreadsheet and present it to you in an easy-to-understand format. However, if you don’t want to spend extra money investing in courier phone apps, you can also have your drivers text you the relevant information to your cell phone. Have them practice texting to you using simple short-hand phrases (such as “succ deliv” for “successful delivery”) and use programs like auto-correct, word prediction, and voice-to-text to streamline texting. With this simple process, you can increase the efficiency of your courier business and make your deliveries quicker. Speed is crucial for a successful courier business, but accuracy is just as important, and using this method can increase both for your...

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Gearing Up For Online Gaming? Check Your Net

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Online gaming has grown exponentially in just the past decade, transforming the once-hidden, whimsical and gritty worlds of geek- and savant-limited gaming to something that anyone can enjoy. Entering a digital world may be available to more people, but the higher echelons of skilled play still require quick reflexes, planning, a decent computer, and a stable internet connection. As you look for new games or plan for new content in current games, take the time to understand how the internet works with your gaming. How Does Online Gaming Use The Internet? Online games are servers, just like the machines that host websites. As a public, commercial service that serves thousands or millions of customers, online games have to handle multiple types of requests. Your internet connection is one of those requests, and it needs to be at a minimum level of quality to do the job properly. The game world exists as a series of files that are constantly updating depends on what players do in the game. More sophisticated games even have activities that happen in the world whether players are involved or not, such as warring non-player characters (NPCs) battling each others to give the game world a feeling of spontaneous activity. When you interact with the game world, you’re sending small instructions across the internet to the server. For example, if a Mage casts the Fireball spell, although you may see swirling lights, indicators, and other visuals, these flourishes are merely cosmetic covers for the simple exchange of information. Here’s what it looks like: Player Mage casts Fireball at Dragon. Fireball information is sent to the game server. Game server receives the information. Game server verifies that the Fireball spell is coming from a Mage and that the mage has enough Mana or Power to cast the spell. Game server generates the amount of damage done depending on the power of the Mage and the defenses of the Dragon. The resulting damage, changes in Mana and other related information is sent back to the player. All of this information is sent in less than a second–in many cases, between 10 and 100ms (milliseconds) depending on the player’s internet speed. When Internet Performance Isn’t Up To Par The speed of the Fireball spell in the previous example is important. The milliseconds represents a certain threshold of time that a player can react with things in the game. Although these actions happen in less than a second, it’s understandable that many gamer customers may have different levels of performance. For this reason, the average player fighting against just game-generated entities has a bit more room to play with when it comes to delay. As that delay increases, you may notice drops in performance. This delay is called lag, which can ruin the gaming experience and make competitive play nearly impossible. That Fireball that should only take one second to cast may take 2 or 3 seconds to cast if the delay is added on top of the normal cast time. The Dragon may seem to be standing still one second, but after your connection catches up with the constantly active world of the game server, your character may be dead after combat continued without you. Player versus player (PVP) combat becomes more difficult, as a person with a...

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3 Reasons To Incorporate A Security Camera In Your Security System

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In this day and age, it is important to be proactive when it comes to safety. There are way too many break-ins that occur each year in the United States. In fact, there were approximately 3.7 million break-ins from the years 2003 to 2007. This is a scary statistic for multiple reasons: crime is on the rise and property damage and emotional damage all occur after a break-in. There are ways to be proactive when it comes to your home safety, and one of the very best things that you can do is to install a security system. This article is going to outline not only why you should install a security system but also why you should incorporate a security camera in your system. Actually Catch The Bad Guy When you purchase a security system, you are buying peace of mind and added safety. A burglar is much less likely to target your home if you do have a security system. One of the most important aspects to a security system is a fast response time. However, if the burglar is fast you still may not be able to catch them. This is why a security camera is absolutely beautiful. No matter how quick a burglar is, they are going to be recorded and the police will have a better lead on who the possible burglar is.  ​Off The Premise Storage Older security cameras used to store all the footage within the security camera. This did not work because a burglar could easily just take the camera. However, with the added technology, your security camera will be able to upload your video footage to a secure website. This takes away all the possibility of the footage being lost. You and you house will have a set of eyes watching the home at all times.  Individuals You Know and Real Time Security cameras are not just used for a burglar that breaks into the home. There are many times when the burglar is somebody that we know, and often it is somebody that we trust. For this reason it is nice to have a security camera, because you will always have a set of eyes watching. You can also use the cameras to watch your house in real time. So, if you have remodelers or a babysitter at the home, you will always be able to keep an eye on what is going on at your home.  Reach out to a professional, such as American Wireless Alarm Inc, for more...

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Need A New Sound System? Why You Should Choose Custom Speaker Art

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If you’re looking to purchase a new sound system, there are a number of options to choose from.  You likely want a system that will fill your home with beautiful sounds that enhance the atmosphere and add a relaxing ambiance.  While you could be thinking of choosing a more traditional sound system that includes bulky speakers, you may want to consider an even better option:  A custom speaker art sound system.  Learning more about the benefits of custom speaker art sound systems can help you see why they may be the perfect choice for you. Custom Speaker Art Sound Systems Free Up Space One of the downsides of traditional sound systems is that they tend to be space guzzlers.  You’ll either have to put the speakers on the floor, or bolt them to the wall.  If your home or apartment isn’t very big, this takes up much needed space that could be used for something else. That’s the beauty of custom speaker art sound systems.  The speaker itself is an entirely flat surface that is concealed behind a picture.  The picture doesn’t protrude outwardly anymore than it would if it didn’t have a speaker behind it.  As a result, you have completely concealed speakers that emit sound throughout the room.  Your guests will wonder where the music is coming from when they arrive, since they won’t see speakers all around your interior area, which can be an eyesore. Custom Speaker Art Enhances Your Inner Decor Another reason why custom speaker art sound systems are so desirable is because they serve to enhance your inner decor, rather than detract from it.  Some companies that produce custom speaker art even allow you to utilize your own images for the pictures that cover the speakers. You can choose speakers that feature pictures with colors that match your current color scheme.  The speakers don’t utilize cords; instead use fully  rechargeable batteries.  You won’t have unsightly cords strewn throughout your space, and can often operate the custom speaker art system with an application on your phone, which uses a wireless connection to play the songs that you choose. Custom speaker arts sound systems offer an amazing way for you to combine the beauty of music with a more streamlined appearance.  Contact a custom speaker art sound system vendor today so you can learn more about the options available to you when you decide to purchase one of these incredible musical systems from a company like...

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How Printed Circuit Boards Are Constructed And Why You Should Allot Extra Time For Your Order To Be Created

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Printed circuit boards (or PCBs) are at the heart of every electronic device humans now use. If you need an order of a specific PCB for a product that comes primarily from your factory, you probably send your PCB orders to a PCB manufacturing company. Given the individualized nature of the circuitry and wiring for every set of boards, it takes some time to create these items. You should also allow extra time for PCBs that are either more intricate or perform a greater number of complex applications. To get a better understanding of how these boards are actually made, and why you need to allot extra time for the construction of your order, the following information is provided. Printed Circuit Boards Are Not Exactly “Printed” Unless a 3D printer is used almost every step of the way, PCBs are not actually “printed.” They may be printed upon using special filaments and stamping, but the boards themselves are not executed inside a printer in any familiar sense of the word “printed.” The filaments help conduct electrical impulses and send data along certain lines toward other components attached to the boards. The stamping, which often includes a capital letter and a short series of numbers, is placed on the boards to tell the crews on the assembly floor which additional components need to be adhered to the board. Every Board Is Worked on by an Assembly Crewmember or Technician After the filaments and stamping have been applied, the boards are moved to an assembly department. Here each board receives individual attention and careful scrutiny, especially if the boards are to be used in military, government or defense operations. Every assembly crewmember or technician is trained to identify the printed codes on the board, fish out the necessary components to be attached, and utilize special bonding agents with micro tools to connect all of these components to the board in the pre-designated areas. The boards are then set aside for the bonding agents to dry/cure. The simpler the board construction, the shorter the time through production. Why You Should Allot Additional Time for Your Order Unless you are a government agent representing a government contract with the manufacturer, you can expect that government orders will take precedence over much of what is produced in the factory. Additionally, quality control specialists will frequently examine the work the assembly crew/technicians do in order to ensure that the boards meet company standards as well as certain regulations. This may mean that several boards that do not pass inspection have to be taken apart and “reprinted,” so it helps to provide the manufacturer with extra time ahead of your deadline in order to complete your order. Unless you state otherwise, most PCB manufacturers do not ship partial orders. For more information, contact PCB manufacturers, like Streamline...

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Addressing Three Questions About Access Control Systems

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Ensuring the security of your business is one of your most important responsibilities as a business owner. To this end, the installation of an access control system can be an excellent security enhancement to make to your building. Sadly, if you have limited experience or knowledge about these systems, it can be difficult for you to make the decision to make this upgrade without the answers to common questions about access control systems. What Are The Advantages Of Installing An Access Control System? An access control system is a type of locking system that uses cards as opposed to keys. By opting for one of these digital systems, it is possible for you to easily limit the access that employees have throughout your building. This can be done by setting different permission levels for each employee and configuring the doors to only unlock for employees with cards having the required access permissions. In addition to this benefit, these systems will also provide you with a complete record of anyone that used these cards to unlock specific doors, which can prove invaluable when you are needing to investigate problems. How Are These Systems Maintained? You may be concerned about the maintenance that is required to keep controlled access systems working correctly. Yet, it should be noted that these security systems will require very little care to keep them running. In fact, a controlled access system will only need to be serviced every couple of years to ensure that the card readers are properly calibrated and that the moving parts are lubricated. Over time, the card readers may start to have difficulty accurately reading the magnetic signal from the access cards, but an experienced technician will be able to quickly calibrate the reader to correct this issue. How Can Small Businesses Offset The Cost Of These Systems? Due to the fact that a secure access system will be more expensive than traditional locks, there are some business owners that may assume that these systems are too expensive for their needs. However, a secure access system can prevent you from needing to regularly rekey your locks when an employee leaves or loses their key. Rather, you can simply remove the access permissions of their card so that it will no longer be recognized by the system. The long-term savings of not having to change the locks or have new keys issued can help to offset the higher initial cost of these systems. Also, it may be possible to secure a discount from your commercial insurance policy due to the enhanced safety that these systems can provide, which can further help to offset the expenses of installing these security upgrades.   For more information and options for installing an access control system for your business, contact access control installation companies, like Complete Cabling Solutions...

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