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Babyproofing Your Home

When a little one becomes mobile, they have an innate ability to turn even the most benign household object into something dangerous. This can leave tired parents frazzled as they constantly leap between their child and danger. A better way is to babyproof a home so that a toddler or curious crawler can explore his or her home safely. 


The kitchen can be full of dangers for little ones who like to open cabinets. A simple solution is to install babyproof door catchers that will keep little ones from opening cabinets. Other parents prefer to let their baby fully explore everything and keep only safe items, like plastic storage containers, healthy snacks, or dish towels, in the lower cabinets. These things can be endlessly pulled out and played with and cause no harm to baby. But parents have to be willing to tolerate a mess! For safety, heavy appliances, glass cookware, and cleaning chemicals should be moved to higher cabinets that baby can’t reach.


Electrical outlets, power strips, power cords, and dangling charging cables are all very interesting—and dangerous—for a little one. There are a variety of outlet covers available at hardware or baby stores. The simplest ones are outlet caps, but they can be easy to misplace when parents pull them out of the outlet to plug in a vacuum cleaner or another appliance. Also available are more permanent outlet covers that remain on the electrical outlet plate at all times. There are similar types of outlet covers available for power strips. They look like a tube with holes in them; the tube contains the power strip, and the holes allow for the cords to snake through. Power cords on the floor can be irresistible for curious kids, especially when they realize how to plug things in. Dangling charging cords are similarly interesting. To keep kids from playing with power cords and charging cords, use cord shorteners, which can be purchased at any electronics store.

More annoying than dangerous is when toddlers learn how to work light switches. There’s nothing worse than a little one suddenly plunging the family into darkness in the middle of your cooking dinner or their constantly flipping the lights on and off at bedtime. To work around this little electrical problem, purchase a safety cover for switches. The safety cover will remain attached to the switch plate and is simple for parents to get around, but this sort of cover poses a difficult challenge for kids.