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Four Good Reasons To Use Terminal Emulation Software

Terminal emulation software allows one user to see, in real time, exactly what another user is seeing on his or her computer screen. While using such a program may seem like spying, there are a number of good uses for terminal emulation software, including training, collaborating on projects and quality control.

Five good uses for terminal emulation software

1. For training. With so many employees working from home, it can be complicated and costly to get everyone together in one room for a training session. With terminal emulation software, the trainer can monitor a student’s inputs to see if the student is grasping the new information. This is especially useful with new employees, where they may be the only person in the class at the time.

2. To work on projects together, remotely. Another good way to use terminal emulation software is to allow employees in different locations to collaborate on a project. With this type of program, co-workers don’t have to be hovering over a user’s shoulder to see what he or she is adding to the project. The collaborator can be in another part of the city, the country or even the world. This type of software is commonly used by programmer’s and developers, so that each contributor’s piece of the software projects fits in with the other contributors’ efforts.

3. For quality control. Terminal emulation software also allows a supervisor to monitor how a customer service employee handles his or her outside calls. It gives the person doing the evaluation a better feel for the employee’s natural abilities, since sitting next to a person can make many employees nervous and awkward. Of course, you’ll want to only use this type of monitoring after having obtained the permission of the employee being evaluated.

4. For customer support. Another good use for terminal emulation software is to be able to see what a customer or in-house computer user is seeing on his or her terminal and better be able to diagnose the problem the user is having. Seeing generally works better than having the person describe the error and error response.

While terminal emulation software may not be the right answer for every office, this type of program can make training easy and affordable, help employees in different locations work on the same project, make it easier for developers to work together and help supervisors better evaluate the skills of their customer service agents. Contact a company like WAVELINK for more information.