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Three Situations Where Your Small Business Will Benefit Greatly From Time And Attendance Software

If you have so many different software programs to manage at your business already, it’s understandable if you’re hesitant to buy time and attendance software. But unless your business is very new or you only plan to employ and manage the time of friends and family members, the efficiency and accountability provided by a specialized software program will eventually be too good to pass up. So if your small business is currently in any of these three situations, you can be sure that you’ll benefit greatly by acquiring time and attendance software.

Your Business Uses At Least Two Offices More Than A Block Or Two Apart

If making sure that all your employees are arriving to work on time and focusing on their tasks is as simple as taking a short stroll through a single office, time and attendance software probably isn’t an absolute necessity for your business yet. However, the minute you open up another office or facility that’s more than a minute’s walk away, seeing all your employees face to face on a regular basis will become much more difficult.

In this situation, an internet video conference program together with time and attendance software will allow you to bridge the gap almost seamlessly. While it may seem like your employees will be frustrated by all the work product and scheduling data they’ll have to enter into their computers, an occasional face to face webcam chat will calm a lot of discontent.

Your Employees Want To Work From Home A Few Times A Week

Especially if the city you live in has major traffic problems and some of your employees live a long way from work, the appeal of working from home from time to time is obvious. But if you don’t monitor your employees carefully when they’re working from home, it’s all too easy for them to get sucked into internet browsing, draining their productivity while they’re on your dime.

Linking a particular hour worked at home with a particular work product will not only ensure that you don’t waste money; in the long run, seeing that they can still work diligently on projects remotely will increase both your employees’ self-esteem and their actual skills.

Your Employees Have Many Different Roles And Seniority Levels

Even if you don’t have a huge number of employees, managing the time of people who each fit into many different and specialized roles can be a monumental task. For example, if you employ both graphic designers and computer programmers, the days of the year where they’ll have to work much more than usual to meet an upcoming deadline are probably going to be different.

Instead of trusting that your head alone can sort out all the complexities of your business, why not use a program specifically designed to keep track of constantly shifting things like schedules and attendance records?