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Tips For Improving Your Small Business’ Customer Service Phone System

Customer service is a huge deal for any business, but especially for any small business. Small businesses often operate within the community and are heavily affected by the ratings and reviews that they receive from people who try their products and services, whether these ratings and reviews are online or simply by word-of-mouth. The level of customer service that a customer receives is going to directly affect how highly he or she speaks of your company and whether or not you do well in the community. Here are some ways for improving your business’ customer service phone system to make sure that your customers speak highly of you in the future.

1. Try to Get the Customer to Speak to a Person as Soon as Possible

The first thing that you are going to want to do is get whoever calls you with regards to customer service to speak to a real person as soon as possible. Getting that person to speak to another person ensures that the caller’s frustration levels do not rise and that he or she is able to get his or her question answered in a timely manner. You can do this by having someone man your phone system at all times. If you need a menu to organize which callers get through to which associates, always include an option that will allow people to speak to a real person immediately.

2. Let People Know the Wait Time

If you are only able to pay for one or two people to man the phones and notice that there are a lot of people on hold a lot of the time, invest in a phone service that is able to collect data and figure out the average call time at certain times of day. Then, use that data to inform the customer of the amount of time that he or she will have to wait. If you develop a call queue system, let every caller know his or her place in the queue and when that place is updated. Finally, create a callback option that customers can opt into. This is an option for the customer to hang up the phone and go about his or her day with the certainty that your company will call him or her back at his or her appropriate place in the queue. This will keep people from having to wait.

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