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Getting Memorable IP Addresses For Ease Of Use

IP addresses can be confusing to many people, even with services in place to make address management easier. Even though the standard computer user browses the Internet with a Domain Name System (DNS) address in a more easily understood format, an easy to remember address can help technical-level employees and colleagues do their job better. As you look through your IP address options, consider a few reasons to invest in a memorable, simple Internet Protocol (IP) address.

Reduce Latency With Fewer Actions

DNS is a convenient tool, since it converts an IP address such as (an Internal IP address example, which can’t be used on the Internet at large) to actual words such as

All computer processes represent some small delay in transfer time. It may be a millisecond or an even smaller unit of measurement, but adding a DNS sever into a process can make the process take more time.

For many projects, a DNS server isn’t enough of a delay to worry about. Unfortunately, this assumes that the DNS server is constantly operating at maximum efficiency. A DNS server is a machine (or part of a machine) that is susceptible to errors, overloading and maintenance issues like any other. A constant barrage of requests to resolve different IP addresses to different names may slow down your request, which can slow down traffic to your server.

Not all server requests are from people trying to reach a website. You may be connecting two different machines that talk to each other thousands of times per second across the Internet for some unseen, but important part of a business. If the DNS server goes down, the link between these machines can be lost. 

A skilled technician will either use the IP address first, or at least have the IP address as a secondary option in case the DNS server goes down. Unfortunately, anyone can make mistakes, and complex IP addresses may be typed incorrectly or forgotten during important work. If you stick with a simple IP address, these problems can be reduced.

Simple IP Addresses Can Make Life Easier

Look for IP addresses that repeat numbers. Repeating numbers can be easier for a technician to remember when working on time-sensitive projects, and can be typed faster. This can make system configuration a simpler task for all technicians involved.

It’s unlikely that you can find convenient numbers from residential or business Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Many of the big, easy to remember IP addresses are reserved for massive organizations, popular services and the ISPs. ISPs are customers of IP address registries such as the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN).

ARIN IP brokers can help you find IP addresses that have easy to remember numbers, or at least the remaining addresses that may look good to you and your technicians. Before settling for a random collection of numbers that aren’t easy for technicians to remember, get in contact with an ARIN IP broker to plan your network.