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Four Tips To Help You Clean The Dust Out Of Your Desktop And Keep It Clean

If you use any type of desktop computer in your home office, keeping it clean is a task that is easier said than done. Dust can get inside the case and damage parts, cause it to heat up and affect the overall performance of your desktop PC. There are some things that you can do to combat the problem of dirt with your desktop PC, such as cleaning the dust out of it and preventing the problems with dust in the first place. Here are some tips that will help you to keep your PC clean and performing like new:

1. Knowing Your Case And The Components Inside It

There are many types of desktop computer cases, and how the components are mounted in them and how the covers come will differ from case to case. If you are lucky, you may have a case with quick-release latches to easily open the access panel. Some cases have screws that you will have to remove to get the panel off. If you are not sure how to open your case, you can always check the manual. In most cases, there will be one panel with several screws, and removing it will give you access to the components inside your case.

2. Grounding And Using Static Bands Before Working In Computer Cases

The components such as the motherboard, graphics cards and PCI cards are very delicate pieces of hardware. A simple static shock from you working in the case can short them out and severely damage your PC. To prevent this, you need to be grounded when working inside the case. One way to do this is to touch the exterior case when working before working inside of it to release the static electricity. This will ground you, and it is best to do this standing up. Another option is to use a static wristband that clips to the exterior of the case to keep you grounded. You can also use a static-resistant mat for your work area if you do a lot of work and upgrades to your PC.

3. Compressed Air And Cleaning The Components Of Your Case

Compressed air is the best way to clean out the dust inside of your computer. This is better than a compressor for several reasons; it is easier to work with, and it has less pressure and moisture than you have with a conventional compressor. You will want to remove all the cables and any cards in the case and spray them with the air to remove any dust. You may want to use tags to mark the cables to put them back in their place when you are finished.

4. Using Cable Ties To Reorganize The Wiring Of Your Case For A Clean Computer

Many desktop computers come with the cables poorly organized from the factory. To make the inside of your case cleaner and easier to maintain, you can use cable ties to better organize the cables in the case. You may want to use color-coded ties. This will allow you to mark the different components by color, so you know what cables are for in your case — such as an extra SATA cable that you may need to use to add a new hard disk.

That layer of dust in your tower can affect its performance more than you may think. By following some of these tips, you will be able to improve performance, extend the life and get more out of your desktop PC. If you need to have repairs, contact a PC repair service like Geek City to get these repairs done right.

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