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Why You Should Keep Your Cable TV Service

If you pay attention to the news, you might have heard about the trend of “cord cutting.” Some people are deciding to get rid of their cable TV package and are instead choosing to get their content from online video streaming services. But the truth is while that sounds good in theory, there are still a number of great benefits of having a cable TV package that you will be giving up if you decide to look elsewhere for your content. Here are 3 reasons why you might want to continue using your cable TV subscription.

Stay in the Conversation with Your Friends and Co-Workers

Some online streaming services offer TV shows on demand. But most of these services will not have the program ready to stream at the same time it is available on live TV. There is usually a delay of at least one day before the program goes live. That is one whole day that you will not be able to discuss your favorite TV show with your friends and co-workers. What’s worse is that you may be prone to finding out spoilers from your friends who did watch it live before you have had a chance to. Cable TV will allow you to watch all of your shows as soon as they air so you don’t have this problem.

Only One Bill and Content Package to Manage

One of the great parts of having a cable TV subscription is that the cable company does all of the work to bring all of the different content together under one plan. If you cut the cord, you may find there are a large number of different streaming options available, but it can be quite confusing to keep track of which streaming services offer which content. Some streaming services even change the available movies or shows they offer on a monthly basis. You’ll also have to make sure you keep track of possibly multiple different subscriptions and bills for all of the different services you will need. With cable TV, from companies like Valley TeleCom Group, you simply get one bill and move on.

Cable TV is the Best Option for Sports Fans

All of the major sports networks have million dollar deals with the major professional sports leagues. These contracts usually only allow the games to be broadcast live on cable TV. Even if you find a streaming service that offers the game you want, you might be subject to a blackout rule which will prevent you from watching the game if it is available on television in your area. If you live and die with your local sports teams, you may find it difficult to go without your cable TV.

Cord cutting may be getting more popular, but there are plenty of great benefits to maintaining your current TV package. Cable TV allows you to watch the latest shows and sporting events live as they actually air. It also will streamline your process for finding content and you’ll only have to put up with one bill every month.

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