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4 Home Theater Features Ideal For Fantasy Sports Players

Posted by on Apr 27, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 4 Home Theater Features Ideal For Fantasy Sports Players

Playing fantasy sports requires a lot of research, game watching, and player tracking. If you love all types of fantasy sports, then you can optimize your home theater set up with a number of features that makes it easy to follow teams and keep up to date with your points. When working with a home theater company, there are four different features you can have installed to help follow all of your fantasy sports teams. Tablet Mounts Keeping track of your fantasy teams is often done through an app. Easily watch the games and follow your teams with the installation of adjustable tablet mounts. These mounts can be installed on the back of chairs or couches. They offer a hands-free way to access your tablet screen while still relaxing in the home theater. An adjustable mount allows you to place the screen directly in front of you or at a lower angle so you still have full visibility of the television. USB Ports USB ports can be added to multiple areas of the home theater, including near coffee tables, on end tables, or with outlets on the walls. As you’re playing fantasy sports, there are a number of different uses for these ports. It can help charge your tablet, allow you to plug in a wireless internet router, or use a USB gadget like a sports ticker. A sports ticker provides game scores, news, and highlights across an LED light screen. They are available in a number of sizes and can give you highlights all day long. Supplemental Television Screen Mounts Instead of having a single television screen in your home entertainment room, you can watch multiple games at once with multiple televisions. A home theater company can help install side TV mounts that give you clear views of each television and allow you to watch multiple games at once. Along with the mount and TV installation, a home theater company can help you connect the televisions to your cable and sound systems. This will help give you full control of each game and the sound options you want to hear. Universal Digital Remote Controls Controlling multiple televisions and devices can become complicated during a game. Instead of spending more time setting up your system instead of watching the games, you can enjoy your sports more easily with universal digital remote controls. Digital remotes can be connected to each of your televisions and the sound systems that you have set up. This allows you to easily switch channels, change the sound source, and access app channels like ESPN or Yahoo! Sports directly on your television. With everything programmed into a single remote, you can complete the tasks with just a few buttons instead of gathering multiple remotes together. It’s a good idea to start the home theater process at least a few weeks before your fantasy season starts. This will help ensure that everything is properly set up before the first games. For more information on home theater installation, consider contacting companies like The Good...

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New Data Center Manager? What You Need To Know About IT Hardware Maintenance

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Since all of your company’s data center hardware has a finite lifespan, it is important that you make plans for it to be maintained and replaced on a regular schedule. Regular maintenance of your information technology hardware ensures that your servers and other parts of your data center’s network are always working at their capacity. Additionally, preventative maintenance also reduces your need for emergency downtime due to random hardware component failures. This keeps your network functioning, your data center in business, and your customers happy. The Skill Set Required for Hardware Maintenance  While you may believe that your software developers and computer technicians are able to take care of the data center’s hardware maintenance needs, it is important for you as a data center manager to understand that the skill sets required for these tasks are not the same. Many software developers and desktop technicians are wonderful at their jobs, but they just do not have enough practical experience in making major hardware repairs and upgrades to network servers, routers, and backup equipment. These highly technical pieces of network hardware often use complicated parts and software to make them function. Without regular exposure to their parts and programming, it is hard to maintain and upgrade them. Instead of stressing out your day-to-day information technology staff with important hardware maintenance tasks that are likely outside of their skill sets, it is always better to have a hardware lifecycle management company assist your data center with these vital tasks. Their technicians spend all of their time working with data center hardware and are much more skilled at making these upgrades and repairs. Additionally, a professional hardware technician can generally make repairs in less time than untrained staff, and this results in less downtime for your data center’s network. The Importance of Regularly Scheduled Preventative Maintenance All cars come with a recommendation to replace their timing belt or timing chain at a certain mileage. The reason for this is that has been determined to be the time before they will generally start to fail from age and wear. Your data center’s hardware needs the same attention as the moving parts of your car do. For instance, hard drives have a limited time to function at their best capacity, and by tracking their average failure rates, your hardware technician, such as from, will be able to replace them before they are most likely to begin to fail and cause outages on your computer...

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Murder Mystery Writers: How Metal Evaluation Software Functions In A Forensics Lab

Posted by on Mar 29, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Murder Mystery Writers: How Metal Evaluation Software Functions In A Forensics Lab

If you are looking to write a murder mystery, and you are conducting research on methods of poisoning and death, you may be very interested in learning how forensics and pathology labs figure out what killed the deceased. Besides the various instruments that the forensics technicians use, they have the help of some metal evaluation software. While this type of software can be used for geological, geotechnical and even industrial/ metalworks applications, it has a very unique purpose in forensic pathology. If you intend to make your murder mystery as realistic as possible, here is how metal evaluation software functions in a forensics lab, should you need to include such information in your novel. Samples of Blood Are Taken and Tested When a possible murder victim enters a morgue, the pathologist takes samples of the victim’s blood. Different chemical agents are added to smaller samples to detect toxic metals. These samples are then run through a special scanner to confirm the presence of toxic metals, such as mercury or lead. The data taken from the scans is processed through the software, where measurable traces of metals are entered on a graph screen and recorded. Interpreting the Scans and Graph Screen Data The scans of the victim’s blood produce the data that appears on the graph screen in the software program. Spikes in the data suggest that there are higher concentrations of these metals in the blood, which may be indicative of metal poisoning. However, there are also data sheets that log the amount of metals in the environment in a given area where people live. In order to determine if a particular metal was indeed a toxic substance used to murder someone, the forensic pathologist has to rule out the possibility that the victim lived in these areas where these metals are naturally or artificially found at high levels. If the deceased never lived in these areas, and if the spikes on the graph screen are significantly high, then the pathologist may actually be able to rule the death as a murder based on the levels of these metals in the person’s blood. The “Tox” Screen The “tox” screen that you often hear about in crime dramas refers to a toxic screening for organic, alcoholic and drug toxins in the blood. This differs significantly from the software program used to test for and evaluate metals in the blood. Usually, a pathologist will not look for metal toxins in the blood unless there is some suspicious illness that indicates that type of poisoning and a high probability that the illness led to the victim’s death. This is important to know when you are writing your murder mystery so that you do not confuse the two types of software or the two types of testing and so your book sounds more authoritative and accurate. Contact a business, such as CTOME – Software & Consulting Inc., for more...

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Four Good Reasons To Use Terminal Emulation Software

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Terminal emulation software allows one user to see, in real time, exactly what another user is seeing on his or her computer screen. While using such a program may seem like spying, there are a number of good uses for terminal emulation software, including training, collaborating on projects and quality control. Five good uses for terminal emulation software 1. For training. With so many employees working from home, it can be complicated and costly to get everyone together in one room for a training session. With terminal emulation software, the trainer can monitor a student’s inputs to see if the student is grasping the new information. This is especially useful with new employees, where they may be the only person in the class at the time. 2. To work on projects together, remotely. Another good way to use terminal emulation software is to allow employees in different locations to collaborate on a project. With this type of program, co-workers don’t have to be hovering over a user’s shoulder to see what he or she is adding to the project. The collaborator can be in another part of the city, the country or even the world. This type of software is commonly used by programmer’s and developers, so that each contributor’s piece of the software projects fits in with the other contributors’ efforts. 3. For quality control. Terminal emulation software also allows a supervisor to monitor how a customer service employee handles his or her outside calls. It gives the person doing the evaluation a better feel for the employee’s natural abilities, since sitting next to a person can make many employees nervous and awkward. Of course, you’ll want to only use this type of monitoring after having obtained the permission of the employee being evaluated. 4. For customer support. Another good use for terminal emulation software is to be able to see what a customer or in-house computer user is seeing on his or her terminal and better be able to diagnose the problem the user is having. Seeing generally works better than having the person describe the error and error response. While terminal emulation software may not be the right answer for every office, this type of program can make training easy and affordable, help employees in different locations work on the same project, make it easier for developers to work together and help supervisors better evaluate the skills of their customer service agents. Contact a company like WAVELINK for more...

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Top 2 Ways To Protect Your Computer Data

Posted by on Feb 5, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Top 2 Ways To Protect Your Computer Data

 Anyone who does a lot of work on their computer knows the importance of keeping their data safe. The last thing anyone wants to think about is having their computer crash and all of their important information being gone. However, it can happen at any point in time. Computers fail for all sorts of reasons. You cannot always predict when the processor is going to go out or your motherboard is going to crash. But, you can make a smart decision and protect your data for now and in the future. To make sure you are never left with no way to recover your data, check out these two tips below. Buy an external hard drive. One of the best ways to keep your data safe and secure is to go through and back everything up on a regular basis. Take one day each week and create a full backup of all your files, pictures and other important documents. All you need is an external hard drive to complete your data backup. You can buy these hard drives from your local big box store. They come in an assortment of sizes ranging from 500GB on up to 6TB. Larger sizes are going to cost a little more, but they are well worth it when you have multiple computers in the home. The hard drive plugs right into your computer’s USB port, making installation a snap. You can also plug the hard drive into many of the computers today to access your videos and pictures right from your big screen. Speak to a data recovery specialist. In the event that you waited until after your computer crashed to try and do something about it, there might still be hope. You can take your computer in to a data recovery professional who can disassemble the computer and get at the main memory. They can often get inside and recovery almost all, if not everything, that you had on your computer. They can transfer the information to an external hard drive for you or put it on CDs that you can put into your next computer. Either way, they will go over the various options with you. Even if your computer did crash without warning, there is often hope. Don’t ever assume all of your data is lost. Speak to a professional who can help recover your data and create a backup for you for down the road....

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Alarm Systems And Telephone Relays: Why You Would Want Them Connected

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If you are considering installing a home alarm system or security system, you may want to opt for one which also has a telephone relay built in. These systems directly connect you to your security company’s emergency assistance line, as well as a host of other features that could prove invaluable. Here are some other reasons why you should install alarm systems with connected telephone relays. Voice Commands Dial Emergency Numbers  In the event that you cannot reach your phone, these systems have voice commands which allow you to dial emergency numbers for help. For instance, say you have a bad fall and you cannot get up to call for help (this happens to many elderly people, but it can happen to younger adults too). As long as you are able to shout out to your alarm system’s telephone relay, you are able to call for an ambulance and call for the police. If you pass out from the pain before you can give the dispatcher your address, the telephone relay can help the dispatcher locate and pinpoint your address so that the emergency services you requested can find your home. Your Security Company Can Check on You If your alarm sounds and it is not immediately deactivated, your security company can call your connected telephone to check on you. Some people may find this an annoying feature, but if you frequently forget what your passcode is to deactivate your alarm, you may find it very helpful indeed. Also, it deters any activation of local police and rescue squads until it has been determined that you are in danger or unresponsive because you are not home or knocked unconscious. In that event, the security company makes the emergency calls for you. You Can Record Threatening or Hostile Phone Calls If you have an ex-partner or you are experiencing some stalker behavior, the connected telephone relay allows your security company to listen in and record these calls so that you have enough documentation for the police and for the courts. If you have to engage a hostile ex-spouse, you may even call your security company prior to making your other call and request that they record the next call you make. It is a good way to protect yourself. (The security companies only listen in and record the calls you request them to, so you never have to feel as though your privacy is invaded the rest of the time.) To learn more, contact a business like...

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Three Situations Where Your Small Business Will Benefit Greatly From Time And Attendance Software

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If you have so many different software programs to manage at your business already, it’s understandable if you’re hesitant to buy time and attendance software. But unless your business is very new or you only plan to employ and manage the time of friends and family members, the efficiency and accountability provided by a specialized software program will eventually be too good to pass up. So if your small business is currently in any of these three situations, you can be sure that you’ll benefit greatly by acquiring time and attendance software. Your Business Uses At Least Two Offices More Than A Block Or Two Apart If making sure that all your employees are arriving to work on time and focusing on their tasks is as simple as taking a short stroll through a single office, time and attendance software probably isn’t an absolute necessity for your business yet. However, the minute you open up another office or facility that’s more than a minute’s walk away, seeing all your employees face to face on a regular basis will become much more difficult. In this situation, an internet video conference program together with time and attendance software will allow you to bridge the gap almost seamlessly. While it may seem like your employees will be frustrated by all the work product and scheduling data they’ll have to enter into their computers, an occasional face to face webcam chat will calm a lot of discontent. Your Employees Want To Work From Home A Few Times A Week Especially if the city you live in has major traffic problems and some of your employees live a long way from work, the appeal of working from home from time to time is obvious. But if you don’t monitor your employees carefully when they’re working from home, it’s all too easy for them to get sucked into internet browsing, draining their productivity while they’re on your dime. Linking a particular hour worked at home with a particular work product will not only ensure that you don’t waste money; in the long run, seeing that they can still work diligently on projects remotely will increase both your employees’ self-esteem and their actual skills. Your Employees Have Many Different Roles And Seniority Levels Even if you don’t have a huge number of employees, managing the time of people who each fit into many different and specialized roles can be a monumental task. For example, if you employ both graphic designers and computer programmers, the days of the year where they’ll have to work much more than usual to meet an upcoming deadline are probably going to be different. Instead of trusting that your head alone can sort out all the complexities of your business, why not use a program specifically designed to keep track of constantly shifting things like schedules and attendance...

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Tips For Improving Your Small Business’ Customer Service Phone System

Posted by on Oct 15, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Tips For Improving Your Small Business’ Customer Service Phone System

Customer service is a huge deal for any business, but especially for any small business. Small businesses often operate within the community and are heavily affected by the ratings and reviews that they receive from people who try their products and services, whether these ratings and reviews are online or simply by word-of-mouth. The level of customer service that a customer receives is going to directly affect how highly he or she speaks of your company and whether or not you do well in the community. Here are some ways for improving your business’ customer service phone system to make sure that your customers speak highly of you in the future. 1. Try to Get the Customer to Speak to a Person as Soon as Possible The first thing that you are going to want to do is get whoever calls you with regards to customer service to speak to a real person as soon as possible. Getting that person to speak to another person ensures that the caller’s frustration levels do not rise and that he or she is able to get his or her question answered in a timely manner. You can do this by having someone man your phone system at all times. If you need a menu to organize which callers get through to which associates, always include an option that will allow people to speak to a real person immediately. 2. Let People Know the Wait Time If you are only able to pay for one or two people to man the phones and notice that there are a lot of people on hold a lot of the time, invest in a phone service that is able to collect data and figure out the average call time at certain times of day. Then, use that data to inform the customer of the amount of time that he or she will have to wait. If you develop a call queue system, let every caller know his or her place in the queue and when that place is updated. Finally, create a callback option that customers can opt into. This is an option for the customer to hang up the phone and go about his or her day with the certainty that your company will call him or her back at his or her appropriate place in the queue. This will keep people from having to wait. For more information, talk to a company that specializes in phone systems like Livewire...

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Sudden Weight Loss In Your Cat Could Mean They Have An Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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The mucous membrane within your cat’s intestinal tract is subject to damage by bacteria, parasites or food allergies. If you notice that your cat is losing weight, it could be that their digestive tract has been compromised. Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) can keep your cat from getting the nutrition their body needs from their food. Here is how to spot the signs of IBD in your cat and how it’s diagnosed and treated. Early Signs of IBD Your cat may periodically vomit up their stomach contents because of a hairball. This is a normal behavior. If you notice them frequently vomiting a few minutes after eating, this can be a sign of gastrointestinal irritation. Other signs to look for that relate to IBD include: frequent diarrhea lack of interest in food lethargy and weakness weight loss Diagnosing IBD Irritable bowel disease prevents your cat’s intestines from absorbing the nutrients from their food. Since other diseases can display similar symptoms, your veterinarian needs to do a thorough examination to narrow in on the cause. Some of the tests they will do on your cat include: Blood tests – A number of tests are done on your cat’s blood to look for parasites and bacterial infections that may originate in the intestines. Elevated white cell counts can mean an infection, and a low hemoglobin is a sign of anemia and malnutrition. X-rays – Standard X-rays are done to detect changes in the intestine shape and size. They can also show signs of tissue masses in the intestines that could be tumors. Ultrasound – Veterinary ultrasound is a non-invasive way that your veterinarian can see what’s going on in the cat’s intestines. A small area of your cat’s stomach is shaved. A gel is applied to the skin and a handheld probe is then guided along the abdomen as the doctor watches a monitor screen. The ultrasound probe sends sound waves into the abdomen and picks up the signals that bounce back. A computer interprets the return signals and allows the vet to see signs of: enlarged intestinal walls abnormal bending or folding of the intestines tumors or polyps in the intestine Surgical biopsy – When the non-invasive tests are not conclusive, a sample of tissue from the intestinal wall may be needed to identify the problem. A needle biopsy may be done. This involves anesthetizing an area of your cat’s skin and inserting a needle through the abdomen into the intestine to get a tissue sample. Your vet may need to make an incision in the abdomen to physically inspect the intestine and obtain a tissue sample. Treating the IBD Treatment of inflammatory bowel disease is to control the disease, as most causes cannot be cured. Your vet will attempt to reduce the bowel irritation so your cat’s system will absorb the nutrients from their food. The treatment will also decrease any painful symptoms your cat is having. Some of the treatment options include: Dietary changes – If a food allergy is suspected, your vet will suggest a change in food to something containing higher proportions of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and probiotics. Immunosuppressive drugs – Medications such as azathioprine and prednisolone prevent your cat’s intestines from having an allergic reaction to food. Decreasing bacteria in the intestines – A medication...

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Router Feature Concepts For Gamers

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Online gaming has delivered amazing results in terms of fun, growing gamer populations and opportunities for revenue. To get the most out of your online gaming experience, you’ll need an Internet connection that can handle the load of everything you do on the network and a router that can distribute the information reliably. If you’re not a networking person, but want to understand what a router can do to make gaming and other online activities more efficient, keep a few router feature concepts in mind. Spread The Wealth With Load Balancing Unless specifically configured, a router will distribute information with an advanced version of first come, first serve. All devices connected to the Internet receive an active pulse of Internet access, with faster speeds being given depending on demand. Up to a certain limit (which changes depending on the speed of your Internet and the router model), devices on the network won’t notice a drop in speed. Once that limit is reached, other users on the Internet connection may notice slower Internet performance. A person downloading a large file at maximum speed would take away a lot of the speed potential from other users. Sometimes there is a minimum speed that allows basic web browsing and video playing, but other times the large download can disconnect everyone else from the Internet. Load balancing can spread the wealth, allowing a set limit for all users that depends on how much bandwidth (Internet capacity) is being used. A maximum limit is set so that no user can tap too many resources from the router, which keeps everything fair for the Internet users. Load balancing can be enhanced by allowing users to get near unlimited access if no one else is using the Internet, then giving back some of the bandwidth when other users are in need later. Prioritize Games For A Better Experience Load balancing is a helpful system, but there’s always a chance that you may start the game as someone else is using a lot of bandwidth. In addition to playing the game, you may be trying to look up game information, start up voice communications and do other, related Internet tasks. Trying everything at once may delay your game time. Not all routers perform load balancing properly. The actual bandwidth usage of online games is different for every game, but many of the more popular games use less than a megabyte per second (mbps). Because of the small amount of bandwidth usage, the demand may not be enough to push other Internet users out of the way. If gaming is your focus, a router can be configured to prioritize games. It can also be set to prioritize a specific device, such as your computer or gaming console. If you need voice communications to chat with other gamers, you can prioritize that software as well. The specific configuration needs an exact measurement of how much your computer consumes during gaming sessions. If you’d like a test router or a known, good performance from a trusted router, contact a network technology professional to look through pre owned...

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