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Gearing Up For Online Gaming? Check Your Net

Posted by on Sep 6, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Gearing Up For Online Gaming? Check Your Net

Online gaming has grown exponentially in just the past decade, transforming the once-hidden, whimsical and gritty worlds of geek- and savant-limited gaming to something that anyone can enjoy. Entering a digital world may be available to more people, but the higher echelons of skilled play still require quick reflexes, planning, a decent computer, and a stable internet connection. As you look for new games or plan for new content in current games, take the time to understand how the internet works with your gaming. How Does Online Gaming Use The Internet? Online games are servers, just like the machines that host websites. As a public, commercial service that serves thousands or millions of customers, online games have to handle multiple types of requests. Your internet connection is one of those requests, and it needs to be at a minimum...

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