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4 Home Theater Features Ideal For Fantasy Sports Players

Playing fantasy sports requires a lot of research, game watching, and player tracking. If you love all types of fantasy sports, then you can optimize your home theater set up with a number of features that makes it easy to follow teams and keep up to date with your points. When working with a home theater company, there are four different features you can have installed to help follow all of your fantasy sports teams.

Tablet Mounts

Keeping track of your fantasy teams is often done through an app. Easily watch the games and follow your teams with the installation of adjustable tablet mounts. These mounts can be installed on the back of chairs or couches. They offer a hands-free way to access your tablet screen while still relaxing in the home theater. An adjustable mount allows you to place the screen directly in front of you or at a lower angle so you still have full visibility of the television.

USB Ports

USB ports can be added to multiple areas of the home theater, including near coffee tables, on end tables, or with outlets on the walls. As you’re playing fantasy sports, there are a number of different uses for these ports. It can help charge your tablet, allow you to plug in a wireless internet router, or use a USB gadget like a sports ticker. A sports ticker provides game scores, news, and highlights across an LED light screen. They are available in a number of sizes and can give you highlights all day long.

Supplemental Television Screen Mounts

Instead of having a single television screen in your home entertainment room, you can watch multiple games at once with multiple televisions. A home theater company can help install side TV mounts that give you clear views of each television and allow you to watch multiple games at once. Along with the mount and TV installation, a home theater company can help you connect the televisions to your cable and sound systems. This will help give you full control of each game and the sound options you want to hear.

Universal Digital Remote Controls

Controlling multiple televisions and devices can become complicated during a game. Instead of spending more time setting up your system instead of watching the games, you can enjoy your sports more easily with universal digital remote controls. Digital remotes can be connected to each of your televisions and the sound systems that you have set up. This allows you to easily switch channels, change the sound source, and access app channels like ESPN or Yahoo! Sports directly on your television. With everything programmed into a single remote, you can complete the tasks with just a few buttons instead of gathering multiple remotes together.

It’s a good idea to start the home theater process at least a few weeks before your fantasy season starts. This will help ensure that everything is properly set up before the first games. For more information on home theater installation, consider contacting companies like The Good Guys.