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New Data Center Manager? What You Need To Know About IT Hardware Maintenance

Since all of your company’s data center hardware has a finite lifespan, it is important that you make plans for it to be maintained and replaced on a regular schedule. Regular maintenance of your information technology hardware ensures that your servers and other parts of your data center’s network are always working at their capacity. Additionally, preventative maintenance also reduces your need for emergency downtime due to random hardware component failures. This keeps your network functioning, your data center in business, and your customers happy.

The Skill Set Required for Hardware Maintenance 

While you may believe that your software developers and computer technicians are able to take care of the data center’s hardware maintenance needs, it is important for you as a data center manager to understand that the skill sets required for these tasks are not the same. Many software developers and desktop technicians are wonderful at their jobs, but they just do not have enough practical experience in making major hardware repairs and upgrades to network servers, routers, and backup equipment. These highly technical pieces of network hardware often use complicated parts and software to make them function. Without regular exposure to their parts and programming, it is hard to maintain and upgrade them.

Instead of stressing out your day-to-day information technology staff with important hardware maintenance tasks that are likely outside of their skill sets, it is always better to have a hardware lifecycle management company assist your data center with these vital tasks. Their technicians spend all of their time working with data center hardware and are much more skilled at making these upgrades and repairs. Additionally, a professional hardware technician can generally make repairs in less time than untrained staff, and this results in less downtime for your data center’s network.

The Importance of Regularly Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

All cars come with a recommendation to replace their timing belt or timing chain at a certain mileage. The reason for this is that has been determined to be the time before they will generally start to fail from age and wear. Your data center’s hardware needs the same attention as the moving parts of your car do. For instance, hard drives have a limited time to function at their best capacity, and by tracking their average failure rates, your hardware technician, such as from, will be able to replace them before they are most likely to begin to fail and cause outages on your computer network.