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Alarm Systems And Telephone Relays: Why You Would Want Them Connected

If you are considering installing a home alarm system or security system, you may want to opt for one which also has a telephone relay built in. These systems directly connect you to your security company’s emergency assistance line, as well as a host of other features that could prove invaluable. Here are some other reasons why you should install alarm systems with connected telephone relays.

Voice Commands Dial Emergency Numbers 

In the event that you cannot reach your phone, these systems have voice commands which allow you to dial emergency numbers for help. For instance, say you have a bad fall and you cannot get up to call for help (this happens to many elderly people, but it can happen to younger adults too). As long as you are able to shout out to your alarm system’s telephone relay, you are able to call for an ambulance and call for the police. If you pass out from the pain before you can give the dispatcher your address, the telephone relay can help the dispatcher locate and pinpoint your address so that the emergency services you requested can find your home.

Your Security Company Can Check on You

If your alarm sounds and it is not immediately deactivated, your security company can call your connected telephone to check on you. Some people may find this an annoying feature, but if you frequently forget what your passcode is to deactivate your alarm, you may find it very helpful indeed. Also, it deters any activation of local police and rescue squads until it has been determined that you are in danger or unresponsive because you are not home or knocked unconscious. In that event, the security company makes the emergency calls for you.

You Can Record Threatening or Hostile Phone Calls

If you have an ex-partner or you are experiencing some stalker behavior, the connected telephone relay allows your security company to listen in and record these calls so that you have enough documentation for the police and for the courts. If you have to engage a hostile ex-spouse, you may even call your security company prior to making your other call and request that they record the next call you make. It is a good way to protect yourself. (The security companies only listen in and record the calls you request them to, so you never have to feel as though your privacy is invaded the rest of the time.) To learn more, contact a business like Tele-Plus.