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Router Feature Concepts For Gamers

Online gaming has delivered amazing results in terms of fun, growing gamer populations and opportunities for revenue. To get the most out of your online gaming experience, you’ll need an Internet connection that can handle the load of everything you do on the network and a router that can distribute the information reliably. If you’re not a networking person, but want to understand what a router can do to make gaming and other online activities more efficient, keep a few router feature concepts in mind.

Spread The Wealth With Load Balancing

Unless specifically configured, a router will distribute information with an advanced version of first come, first serve. All devices connected to the Internet receive an active pulse of Internet access, with faster speeds being given depending on demand. Up to a certain limit (which changes depending on the speed of your Internet and the router model), devices on the network won’t notice a drop in speed.

Once that limit is reached, other users on the Internet connection may notice slower Internet performance. A person downloading a large file at maximum speed would take away a lot of the speed potential from other users. Sometimes there is a minimum speed that allows basic web browsing and video playing, but other times the large download can disconnect everyone else from the Internet.

Load balancing can spread the wealth, allowing a set limit for all users that depends on how much bandwidth (Internet capacity) is being used. A maximum limit is set so that no user can tap too many resources from the router, which keeps everything fair for the Internet users. Load balancing can be enhanced by allowing users to get near unlimited access if no one else is using the Internet, then giving back some of the bandwidth when other users are in need later.

Prioritize Games For A Better Experience

Load balancing is a helpful system, but there’s always a chance that you may start the game as someone else is using a lot of bandwidth. In addition to playing the game, you may be trying to look up game information, start up voice communications and do other, related Internet tasks. Trying everything at once may delay your game time.

Not all routers perform load balancing properly. The actual bandwidth usage of online games is different for every game, but many of the more popular games use less than a megabyte per second (mbps). Because of the small amount of bandwidth usage, the demand may not be enough to push other Internet users out of the way.

If gaming is your focus, a router can be configured to prioritize games. It can also be set to prioritize a specific device, such as your computer or gaming console. If you need voice communications to chat with other gamers, you can prioritize that software as well.

The specific configuration needs an exact measurement of how much your computer consumes during gaming sessions. If you’d like a test router or a known, good performance from a trusted router, contact a network technology professional to look through pre owned routers