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Where Should You Place Your Security Camera?

A security camera is something you may need in your business in order to keep an eye on it when you can’t be around, as well as to capture feeds of crimes committed after hours. After deciding on the type of security cameras to have installed, you will need to find the right location for them. Ideally, you will have multiple cameras set up to get all the major areas of your business. Here are the most important places to put security cameras.

All Doors

Any entrance or exit door you have in your building should preferably have a security camera. These doors are what you really need to monitor because they are how a criminal is going to escape after stealing merchandise or robbing the store. If you have separate entrances, those should also be monitored, because if a crime is committed, you can look at them later to get a good front view of the person who committed the crime. Set the camera high enough to where it isn’t obvious, but low enough where it makes out the faces of people going through the doors.

Crime Targets

A crime target is something that thieves are most likely going to be headed toward when they come to rob your store. You should always have security cameras placed near the targets, so you can monitor when they are headed that way. This includes your filing cabinets, safes, jewelry cabinets, valuables cabinets, and cash registers. If you have areas in the backroom where you count cash or prepare deposits, there should also be a security camera installed in there.

Cash Registers

Try to also have a security camera that points toward your cash registers and any other customer transaction areas. This includes your layaway or customer service counter, self-help supermarket aisles, kiosks, and teller stations. You should be able to use the security cameras that are near entrances and exits to also point towards these areas.

Secluded Locations

Finally, don’t forget to have security in the parking lot, alley, and any other secluded areas around your business. These areas tend to be common places for people to get into fights, vandalize property, or perform other illegal activities. By having security cameras, you can see a fight about to happen and call police, as well as see someone committing a criminal act. It is a great piece of evidence for the police. If the cameras are low enough for the criminals to see, they will be much less likely to cause a problem.

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