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Taking The Green Movement To Another Level: Toner For Your Business Printer

Purchasing copiers for your business includes finding a good price on toner cartridges. If you have joined the “green” movement, you also want to make sure that the printers and the cartridges are in line with your ideals. You could purchase brand-new printers and copiers, but opting for refurbished machines not only gets you a better deal, but also removes expensive e-waste from an e-waste depository.

Additionally, there are couple of ways you can go green with toner cartridges:

Buying Toner Made of Plant Derivatives

Most toner comes from carbon, which is little more than charred organic material. Now you can buy toner with inks made from many different plant derivatives, all natural, and completely non-toxic to both humans and the environment. Even the colored toner cartridges seem more vibrant because the inks are made from fruit and vegetable dyes.

Once a cartridge is empty, you send it back to the manufacturer and they refill it and ship it back out. It literally reduces the carbon footprint by reducing the use of carbon and the disposal of plastic cartridges.

Buying Recycled Cartridges

If vegetable dyes are taking things a little too far for you and your business, then you can still be part of the green movement by purchasing recycled toner cartridges. Many copier dealers and manufacturers offer this type of recycling program that invites you to return your empty cartridges to them in exchange for refilled cartridges. They provide an endless supply of recycled cartridges for a fraction of the cost of new ones, and you can even request auto-ship for a continual monthly supply.

Copiers That Make a Difference

Almost all copiers now have the capacity to print more efficiently. They save on electricity and feature extra energy-saving options. When you add green toner to certain machines, for example, you are saving on ink, reducing e-waste and saving energy all at the same time. It may not seem like much, but in the grander scheme of your personal green movement, it is a lot, and it does make a difference.

Where to Buy “Green” Toner

There are businesses that specialize in just “green” toner. You can purchase your toner cartridges through them. They supply just about any copier and printer on the market with Eco-friendly toner substitutes, and if you are not sure your copier is on their list, just ask. Also check with a copier dealer, since they are an excellent go-to resource for everything copier-related.

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