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VoIP Services: Their Types, Packages, And Benefits

Technology has come a long way especially when it comes to communication. Unlike decades ago, today one can easily communicate with people from wherever in the world in real time. VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) makes use of Internet connection to place calls using landline and mobile phones as well as other devices like computers. Unlike traditional telephone services that use cables and analog signals to transmit calls, VoIP transmits using digital signals and only requires Internet connection.

Types of VoIP services

  • Peer to peer, which mostly make use of the Internet only.
  • VoIP in: one can call using a phone number from the public switch telephone network (PSTN) to the VoIP service.
  • VoIP out is the opposite of VoIP in. Calls are placed from the VoIP service to PSTN.
  • Two way: one can place a call from a VoIP service to PSTN and vice versa using phone numbers.

Common VoIP service packages

  • Office and/or home services, whereby one swaps the telephone line with an adapter that is plugged into the phone set and the broadband internet line to be used. This is done after you sign up for VoIP service.
  • Mobile services: most people in the world communicate with mobile devices today. VoIP services allow you to reduce communication expenses while offering you additional features and benefits depending on the package.
  • Business services are usually tailored to the type of business and the needs of a person. One can choose from several packages depending on the number of workforce, frequency of use, and budget.
  • No monthly charge services: users only need to purchase a device that is shipped by the VoIP service provider, and once they set it up, they can enjoy unlimited calls without receiving monthly bills.

Benefits of VoIP services

  • They are mostly cheaper than traditional calling services as they use the Internet and therefore providers do not need to set up and maintain expensive infrastructure. This is especially useful to people or business who need to make many international calls.
  • One can place free or very cheap calls locally and internationally. Free calls if both the caller and recipient use similar VoIP services. For example, Skype to Skype.
  • Setup is easy and straightforward as it is literally plug and play. One can also get an IP phone quickly or opt to use old phones.
  • They come with additional benefits such as call screening, video calls, forwarding, etc.

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